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Auto Industry in Canada

To completely comprehend why Canada is one the wealthiest countries on the planet, we have to give specific consideration to Canadas monetary history. The monetary history of our nation has been set apart by numerous significant occasions that have made ready for an effective financial future. A concise monetary history of Canada would give specific consideration to significant occasions, for example, the financial blast of the 1920s, the dull occasions of the 1930s; the Second World War during the 1940s and to likewise not overlook the significant exchange understandings, for example, the auto agreement and the NAFTA.Despite the previously mentioned significant occasions, Canadian economy has additionally been enormously impacted by its own financial parts. Our economy has experienced through significant changes during the previous 3 decades. One of the components that enormously affected the economy of Canada has been that of the car business. The car business was conceived in the early long periods of the twentieth century and it has from that point forward, extended rapidly. (White, 2007, p. 3) The development has end up being financially productive and furthermore fruitless at times.This paper will look at the prudent and political effects of the vehicle business in Canada during the previous years, by giving exceptional consideration to the monetary provincial lopsidedness, the auto settlement, the North American Free Trade Agreement and furthermore the move in the Canadian auto showcase, from American automakers to the Japanese automakers during the previous three decades. The car business extended Canadas economy by expanding the work levels, the improvement of streets and added to an expansion in incomes because of licenses and fuel fees.It additionally reinforced the conservative relationship with our neighbors toward the south and has likewise improved the economy of the southern regions as it is intensely gathered in the territory of Ontario with si gnificant get together plants in Windsor and Oshawa. The primary vehicle was created in 1888 by Karl Benz in Germany, where as in Canada Å"commercial creation didn't being until after 1900  (White,2007, p. 5) Many Canadian automakers attempted their karma however just some succeeded, as the vehicle showcase in Canada was surpassed by the United States in the beginning times of its production.It is critical to comprehend that the start of the car business is firmly associated with that of the United States. Numerous individuals connect the formation of the car business in Canada with the American automaker Ford. The structure of the American automakers is totally not the same as that of the Europeans and this was set from the get-go throughout the entire existence of the vehicle creation. The Germans and the French form quality and current vehicles which must be managed by the rich, where as the Americans were looked by a monetary difficulty accordingly they assemble vehicles that g eneral society everywhere could bear, at a less expensive quality than the Europeans.As White states during the 1920s the business hit its sweet spot, extending with the end goal that Canada turned into the second-biggest maker of autos on the planet.  (2007, p. v) The car changed numerous parts of the lives of Canadians. The vehicle gave Canadians the recreation they didnt have before the 1920s. Presently they had the option to travel significant distances serenely, to secure positions far away from home as now it was simpler to get the opportunity to work. The vehicle additionally took into consideration the development of the hard surface streets. Norrie at al expresses that by the 1928, there were 8600 km of cement or macadamized streets in the territory (2008, pg. 89) As the quantity of vehicles per individual expanded so did the quantity of authorized vehicles in Canada. Norrie et al expresses that by 1923 the quantity of vehicles in Canada had ascended to about 1. 2 million (2008, p. 288) Employment rates were consistently increasing with the ascent in the quantity of fabricated vehicles in Canada. The opening of large plants all through Canada in urban areas, for example, Windsor and Oshawa firmly added to higher business rates. In 1920 the normal number of workers in the car producing industry was 8,281 where as after 6 years it expanded to 11,905. The sun life confirmation organization, 1956, p. 3 table 1) Even right up 'til the present time just about 90 years after the fact, these urban communities are vigorously relied upon the work by the automakers. The expansion in work added to an increment in the ways of life of Canadians. Additionally government incomes expanded with the development of the car business. They needed to figure out how to keep up the streets along these lines permitting and gas expenses were presented. The automakers didn't just expand the way of life of the individuals in the southern areas yet they bigly affected the wester n territories also.Agriculture was one of the numerous mechanical segments that profited by the automakers. With vehicles being constructed it was currently simpler for the ranchers to sell their items in the market. They currently had an increasingly agreeable approach to travel and this made their occupations simpler. Likewise the presentation of the ranch tractors was a major assistance in the agribusiness business. The homestead tractors expanded harvest amounts and animals volume. The tractor was an extraordinary development as it was increasingly proficient and less tedious. One of the negative effects of the car business in Canada is that of the territorial monetary lopsided characteristics between the provinces.With the assembling being intensely gathered in Ontario, different regions of Canada don't get a similar financial yield as Ontario does. Å"Ontario is considered by a wide margin the wealthiest territory. The territory produces very nearly 50 percent of Canadas GDP wh ich converts into a stunning 675 billion dollars. Numerous experts depict Ontario as the powerhouse of Canada and a genuine contender in North America just as globally  (Ohmae, 73) The assembling plants are arranged in the southern territory so they could be nearer to their parent American organizations. The fare of the produced vehicles has additionally expanded the GDP of the country.This likewise shows that with the most occupations being in Ontario, Canadas populace is intensely moved in Ontario as the region offers greater work openings. Å"Between the long stretches of 1981 to 1995, Ontarios sends out, principally in the United States, nearly quadrupled from $38 billion to $140 billion. Fares to different territories multiplied however when we contrast sends out with the remainder of the world as opposed to the remainder of Canada the fares dropped from 28 percent to under 20 percent Å"(Courchene, 278). The above figures show that Ontario is sending out more to the remainder o f the world than the other provinces.When it comes to trading to different nations, Ontario trades more to the United States than some other nation on the planet. Ontario is in an ideal situation financially on the grounds that other significant enterprises are situated in the areas. Businesses, for example, the media transmission industry are additionally situated in Ontario. Along these lines with this being stated, Ontario is for the most part relied upon the United States as opposed to on different areas. The car business extended during the 1920s as of now referenced in this exposition. A valid justification for this was simply the way that Canadians were purchasing vehicles, since they were a hot product during those years.The automobile industry was constantly ruled by the United States and never by the Canadians and this is the reason numerous individuals wonder if the car business in Canada is really Canadian. The second monetary blast for the automobile producers were the years after the Second World War. After the war creation expanded as request had the option to meet gracefully. The business moved into a time of development and thriving after the war. White expresses: the quantity of traveler vehicles created rose from practically none toward the finish of the war to 193, 000 of every 1949. (2007, p. 71) However during the 1950s the European vehicle creators ook the high ground as they had set up great creation innovation. With this innovation they had the option to create less expensive and littler vehicles, in this way interest for the American auto advertise began going down. Anything that influenced the United States, influenced Canada as we were their greatest vehicle produce. In the event that the American auto advertise was to go down, the Canadian economy would crash with them. To better the financial circumstance and to help the automobile business at home and to spare occupations and the live hood of numerous Canadians, Canada and the Un ited States marked the auto settlement in 1968.The Automotive Products Trade Agreement did not depend on facilitated commerce yet it did anyway expel levies on vehicles and car parts among Canada and the United States. It made fares between the two nations less expensive, in this way by raising Canadian fares into the United States. The auto settlement helped the two nations in managing the monetary circumstance at that point. Experts state that Canada received the most rewards from the auto settlement as the enormous 3 passage, general engines and Chrysler guaranteed that auto creation remained and extended in Canada.Employment expanded in Canada during the years that the auto agreement was still in power. Wallace expresses that the auto settlement was eliminated in 2001 as its arrangement were managed to repudiate WTO guidelines by preferring specific partnerships (2002, p. 114) The auto agreement is additionally perhaps the best model that shows the administrations mediation in t he commercial center. The auto settlement shows that it was fundamental for the legislature to intercede in getting the economy out and ensuring that business levels didn't go down.The economy additionally extended as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement marked in 1994 between USA Canada and Mexico. The North American Free Trade Agreement made the ways with the expectation of complimentary exchange between the 3 nations to guarantee monetary success for North America. Taking into account that the United States is our greatest exporter and we send out 80 % of our merchandise to our neighbors in the south, it was monetarily astute to make such a significant advance. The countrys GDP has consistently developed recoil the usage of the exchange agreement.According to the association for financial co-activity and improvement C

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To what extent have the decline of the traditional career and the Essay

What exactly degree have the decay of the conventional vocation and the qrowth of non-standard work courses of action prompted a key move in the idea of the psych - Essay Example There is proof of considerable changes in work and occupation profiles. The issues included have broad ramifications. This could prompt expanded polarization of the work power, pay abberations which is very obvious now, and new types of social avoidance. It may not be the finish of work however its lessening as far as personal satisfaction and of working life will boomerang. Have there been a decrease of the conventional profession and the development of non-standard work courses of action and has this prompted a key move in the idea of the mental agreement. This paper investigates what could have been and what is. What is an agreement? Agreements are a universal and restricting element found in associations the world over. A Contract fills in as a bond that unites representatives and managers together to accomplish the authoritative objective. Albeit large scale inquire about has given some consideration to the investigation of agreements, for example, by Williamson, 1975 (Robinson, Kraatz, and Rousseau, Changing Obligations and the Psychological Contract: A Longitudinal Study, Research Notes) 2, an intricate examination or spotlight on the exploration on this field leaves a great deal to be wanted. â€Å"Technological progression is thought to be the most powerful driver of progress. Innovation will make new openings and change existing work to higher aptitude levels, or data innovation will obliterate employments or debase them into less talented, progressively routine work (Changing Nature of Work 1999). The boundless lack of IT laborers proposes that employments are being made for an enormous scope. Specialist reviews demonstrate that abilities and duties have expanded because of advanced innovation (Changing Nature of Work 1999)† (Kalleberg, NON-STANDARD EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS: Part-time, Temporary and Contract Work,, alluded on 16.04.2006)3. â€Å"Martin and Butler (2000) found boundless understanding in the writing that the old work contract is dead or

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What Are Expository Essay Introduction Samples?

What Are Expository Essay Introduction Samples?Expository essay introduction samples are usually a part of the writing courses at most colleges and universities, and they provide the chance for you to practice writing an essay before having to put it to paper. While essay writing is more than just reading, writing and summarizing the material, the sample essay is used as a kind of an exercise to familiarize the readers with the rules of grammar and the structure of the essay.The essay that you write for an expository essay introduction sample should be composed in such a way that it makes the readers want to read it again, and not just because it was published online. You need to make your essay flow. Don't think about grammar, but think about how you can make the sentences you use to make your story more enjoyable to read and make them flow smoothly.The introduction of an expository essay is also a time for you to tell a story. It should start out with a description of who you are, why you want to write this essay, what the story is about, and how the story develops. Make sure that you present the story to the reader without interrupting the flow of the story. Also, take some time to explain how the story will unfold, and how you want the story to end.While writing your expository essay introduction samples, take some time to think about how to present the information you have presented in a good manner. That means, you need to structure the essay properly, and then summarize it. Don't just tell the story, make sure that you've made the reader want to know more about the topic.You might find that expository essay introduction samples are not enough if you want to write an extremely long essay. In this case, you can ask for the assistance of an editor or a writer. You can also hire a professional editor or a ghostwriter, who can help you improve your writing skills.There are many types of expository essay sample, some are more expensive than others. You can fin d samples that are free only for access to the author's site. However, the more expensive ones are usually those that you will be given by the college or university where you plan to study.Most of these expository essay introduction samples are free, but there are some that do require payment. These will be samples of essays that were written by the author, which are normally very good.

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Modern Times By Charlie Chaplin Essay - 1706 Words

My example that I will be using is Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin. Modern times is a film developed after the industrial revolution. It serves the purpose of critiquing capitalism and the social world. Modern Times begin with a factory worker who starts developing anxiety through the lack of breaks and repetitive work. When the Worker is on break, his boss is always keeping an eye on him and demands him to go back to work due to the loss of production. Soon after, the factory worker goes on lunch break, but is again distracted by his boss due to the desire to try out a new lunch contraption. At first, the new technology seems to work since the factory Worker was being fed. But, after a few seconds the contraption goes haywire and starts hurting the worker. The factory Worker goes back to work, but suddenly starts to mess up. He goes around ruining all his co-workers’ work and even get himself in prison. However, he ends up saving all the cops from the inmates’ revoluti on and is released early from jail. He does not want to leave since he is treated properly in jail and will be homeless in the outside world. He tries to get himself in prison again, but meets a beautiful woman Gamin who is also homeless and workless. They run off together and commit burglaries to feed themselves, but is soon discovered by the police. They manage to escape and run off to live in a small house by themselves. The factory Worker and the Gamin decides to have lunch together, but finds out that aShow MoreRelatedModern Times By Charlie Chaplin1454 Words   |  6 Pagesreconstruction, war, to industrialization and the Great Depression. These were hard times in America and frankly I’m glad I do not have to live through it. From the film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin we get an inside look at how one felt and experienced during the 1930’s. I clearly feel this movie captured the essence of what today people think about today of the 1930’s, Industrializa tion and the Great Depression. It is at this time that the hard-working class citizen is highlighted. Let’s begin with aRead MoreCharlie Chaplin s Modern Times900 Words   |  4 Pagesfilms was almost finished, Charlie Chaplin completed his last silent movie, called â€Å"Modern Times†. The title of the movie itself gives a hint about the changes that human kind would be facing in the future. While watching the movie, the audience is inundated with the ideas of dehumanization of humans in the factories, the ‘Fordism’ ideology, the struggle to earn bread, and many more. Instead of conveying this powerful social message in harsh and serious tone, Charlie Chaplin has blended right amountRead MoreModern Times Directed By Charlie Chaplin892 Words   |  4 Pages In the film Modern Times directed by Charlie Chaplin, like most of society Chaplin’s Tramp character yearns for a slice of the â€Å"American Dream.† Struggling to conform to societal norms, the Tramp unsuccessfully attempts to reach the upper-middle-class bliss that he desires. In hi s endeavors, the Tramp ends up in jail but ironically, it is in the confinement of prison where the Tramp feels most comfortable and that his individuality is best appreciated. I will argue that through his use of strategicRead MoreStructure Of Modern Times By Charlie Chaplin1574 Words   |  7 PagesHierarchy in a modern capitalist society can be seen in the form of corporations through the capitalist division of labor. In the essay â€Å"What do bosses do? The origins and functions of hierarchy in capitalist production†, Stephen A. Marglin argues that Adam Smith’s capital division of labor was not due to technological efficiency, but rather due to economic superiority created through hierarchy and specialization in the market. Marglin points out the reasons why hierarchy exists, which is to maximizeRead MoreEssay on Metropis by Fritz Lang and Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin974 Words   |  4 PagesDiscuss Fritz Langs Metropolis and Charlie Chaplins Modern Times Very few movies portray the relationship between the government and civilian masses during trying moments such as Fritz Langs â€Å"Metropolis†, and Charlie Chaplins â€Å"Modern Times†. These are two critically acclaimed films made in the late 1920’s and mid 1930’s. The time period captured is the great depression, and examine the role of the governing authorities in relation to those governed. â€Å"Metropolis† simply passes as one of the originalRead MoreFritz Lang s Metropolis And Charlie Chaplin s Modern Times897 Words   |  4 Pages In Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times both use scenes that depict subjects in their films such as poverty, revolts, and homelessness to show the viewer what workers dealt with in our society in that time period. While watching the film of Modern Times that starred Charlie Chaplin, the film showed that the worker (Chaplin) was not only being treated unfairly but also worked to his limit. Metropolis also touched on this subject when the son of the leader of Metropolis venturedRead MoreA Day without Laughter is a Day Wasted by Charlie Chaplin816 Words   |  3 Pagesday wasted.† It was a simple but popular quote of Charlie Chaplin, one of the most famous actors as well as director and scriptwriter in the American Modernism Era. With a rags-to-riches story, Chaplin had overcome all the obstacles to become a Comedy King, represented an American Dream coming true. Charles Spencer Chaplin, Chaplin’s full name, was born in London, England, on April 16th, 1889. In a family of both parents who were entertainers, Chaplin spent his early years with his mother, who had noRead More Charlie Chaplin Essay1553 Words   |  7 Pages Charlie Chaplin did not use sound to communicate to the audience in his movies. Despite the fact that there was no spoken language, his movies were sensational and the audiences loved them. Chaplin was thought of as cinema’s first genius and has been called the single most-influential artist in the history of motion pictures. I am researching Charlie Chaplin to learn how he became a sensational comedian and one of the best actors of all time. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Chaplin is considered asRead MoreAn Exploration Of The Great Dictator1354 Words   |  6 PagesTHE GREAT DICTATOR (1940) 1 AN EXPLORATION OF THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940) 2 An Exploration of Charlie Chaplin s Influences, Symbolism, and Use of Sound in The Great Dictator (1940) Vincent G. Foisy Cleveland State University. An Exploration of Charlie Chaplin?s Influences, Symbolism, and Use of Sound in The Great Dictator (1940) In the early 1900?s, Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous filmmakers in American history. His clumsy portrayal of The Little Tramp in manyRead MoreThreat Of Talkies994 Words   |  4 Pagessound to the audience, and life to the films. This would soon change starting with the growing popularity to use soundtracks, instead of hired piano players, to accompany the film. Later leading to the use of full sound throughout the picture. Chaplin, who had acquired fame and fortune from his work as a silent film actor and director, was reluctant to make the move to full sound. Undoubtedly, he must have wondered whether or not his film craft could survive the transition into the sound era.

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Strategic Planning Strategic And Tactical Planning

In my facility, we take a regimented approach to strategic and tactical planning. There are usually multiple committees formed and operational at any given time, addressing various operational and clinical organizational needs. The committee meetings are highly structured in their approach to identifying the problem, brainstorming for potential solutions, and determining implementation and monitoring/feedback methods. After each meeting, a document is created to â€Å"map out† the short and long term goals and identify the staff responsible for implementation and monitoring. This document serves to literally keep everyone on the same page during the entire process. As goals are met and feedback is obtained, the committee continues to meet to make any necessary modifications or adjustments to ensure progress continues towards achieving the identified goal. This strategic planning process is very similar to the one depicted in our textbook. According to Hebda and Czar (2013), the first steps are to identify the strategic planning team and the goals and scope of the project. My facility accomplishes this by forming a committee and immediately identifying the purpose and goals of that committee. The committee model is fully embraced by my organization as a means to achieve its organizational goals. The next steps according to Hebda and Czar (2013) are to gather data and perform an analysis of internal and external environments. These steps allow the team to identify trendsShow MoreRelatedStrategic Planning : Strategic And Tactical Planning874 Words   |  4 Pagesgoals is through planning. Every plan needs to operate like a map to success. Strategic and tactical planning, when used correctly, represent planning models that can lead companies forward toward the vision of their leaders, and the attainment of the goals those leaders have developed. Strategic and tactical planning work together. Strategic planning focuses on the big picture, and tactical planning supports that big picture by focusing on various items within it. Strategic Planning Once a leaderRead MoreLeadership Strategies For A Leader1116 Words   |  5 Pages There are two different types of planning that can be used in the process of setting goals. They are similar in the sense that they both align and unify efforts. However, they are quite different in their scope of influence and they are utilized at different times during the process. Strategic planning is the first type. It is very broad in its scope and focuses on the long term direction of the entire organization (Simerson, 2011, p. 3). This type of planning may include outlines for 15 to 20 yearsRead MoreStrategic Planning Within Ge927 Words   |  4 PagesThe strategic planning process is the formulation of the company’s major objectives and execution plans. This process is of particular interest in GE. Strategy formulation is the process of choosing the best methods for a company where customer needs; competitive position and internal capability are the three factors that play the main role in strategic planning. Every manager needs to have at least a simple notion of st rategic planning to formulate his strategic plans. Strategic Planning is a wideRead MoreA Look Into Halliburtons Planning Strategies1428 Words   |  6 PagesManagement Planning Paper: A Look into Halliburton’s Planning Strategies Michael-Paul Battle University of Phoenix October 8, 2009 Management Planning Paper Halliburton is one of the largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Contributing to the success at Halliburton are 50,000 employees that work in over 70 different countries (Halliburton, 2009). What began in 1919 after borrowing a wagon, some mules and a mixer, has become a successful business by focusing onRead MoreObjectives And Objectives Of Strategic Planning884 Words   |  4 Pagesa plan so as to achieve financial goals. Effective planning is an essential element if a company is to successfully employ change management and implement new processes and procedures that will adjust organization functions and operational assignments in order to meet the desired outcomes. Different methodologies for planning exist to meet the specific needs within organizations. The most common planning approaches include strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency plans (Hartzell). EvenRead MoreStrategic Goals And Tactical Goals Essay1293 Words   |  6 Pa gesmiscommunication. Therefore, by setting strategic goals and tactical goals can organizations create strategic communication. Strategic goals within organizations, let leaders set goals for overall objectives for their organization; therefore, communication organization goals. While tactical goals achieve departmental objectives in the context of overall strategic goals. One of the utmost important direction is leadership to employee communication. Strategic Planning Tools Strategic goals should link into theirRead MoreHid Case Study961 Words   |  4 Pagesnot yet established. It is still not clear which places they will penetrate. HID is not yet ready to formulate their strategic plan because of the fact that they are not even uniformly informed of the company’s mission. . They need to align have to resolve first their company mission/vision and then develop their strategic plans make their company goals followed by tactical and operational goals.. In addition to this, the company also need to consider its resources. 2. If I were Keith, IRead MoreManagement and Company1091 Words   |  5 Pagesthe following: †¢ Evaluate the planning function of management as it relates to the organization’s goals and strategies. Use steps in the planning process outlined in the text. †¢ Analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning at BP. Provide at least one example for each. †¢ Analyze at least three factors that influence the company s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Planning Part of the management functionRead MoreGoals And Objectives Of Southwest Airlines1048 Words   |  5 Pagesthree types of goals that can be set by any given organization, and these goals are arranged in a hierarchy from top to bottom. Achieving the low-level goals that become a means of achieving the higher-level goals; strategic, tactical and operational goals (Davis, 1996). Strategic goals are set by those in top management and also mainly meant for the top echelons of an organization that are concerned with the main objectives of an organization. Take for instance Southwest Airlines, the main objectiveRead MoreBusiness Intelligence-Business / Alignment With The Business Strategy775 Words   |  4 Pages(TPS), and Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) systems. This academic paper will discuss Business Intelligence, (IT)-Business/ Alignment with the Business Strategy. Also, there will be an initiative to describe both objectives and levels of strategic planning, including, how each can be supported by (DDS). Initially, we begin by discussion of Business Intelligence (BI). Summary Most companies several years ago probably choose to extend their traditional Information Systems (IS), outward to include

Differing Social Classes free essay sample

This paper analyzes four aspects by which people are easily divided into classes sex, income, race and education. It attempts to show which lessons can be learned from these stereotypes. The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the differences in four social classes: lower, working, middle, and upper, based on income, race, sex, and education and to show how these clear divisions in society lead to stereotypes, social expectations and limitations. From the paper: Differences in each of the four classes are marked when income is the factor differentiating them. 11.3 per cent of Americans live in poverty, and can be considered part of the lower and working classes. In the U.S. today, 16 percent of the population falls into the lower class. Thirty-eight per cent fall into the working, or blue-collar class. Forty-four per cent fall into the middle and upper middle class, and 2 per cent fall into the upper class. We will write a custom essay sample on Differing Social Classes or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The lower and often working classes are often characterized as less educated. They tend to live in urban areas, and do not own their own homes. The middle and upper classes tend to own their own homes, often are two-career couples by choice, and usually live in less urban and more rural areas or suburbs of larger cities. They are usually better educated than the lower and working classes, often with advanced college degrees.

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Spelling 10-23 Essays - Cereals, Energy Conservation, Roofs

Spelling 10-23 5. The face under a patch of graying hair was flabby, and it held two eyes trapped in a spider web of weary lines. 6. Dogs, hollow-bellied and dispirited, sprawled in the dust and that country lay behind the twisted arms of the surrounding thorn trees like an abandoned theatrical backdrop tarnished and yellow. 7. The full bodied and strong sunlight had begun to warm the drab colors of the hut, and I reached over and blew out the flame of the hurricane lamp. 8. It was a tiny hut with the usual single window blocked with corrugated iron, the usual thatched roof drooping its old eaves like a rotted tree, and the usual earthen floor paved with the burnt match sticks, paper, and shreds of tobacco. 9. Laved with its icy steams, a country with its valleys choked with bracken and its hills clothed in the green heather that wandered Scotsmen sing about seems hardly Africa. 10. The Young man halts at my threshold draped in a warriors's shuka, wearing a belt of beads hung with a club and a sword in a bright red scabbard. Social Issues